Our portfolio demonstrates the design capabilities, attention to detail, and the first-hand knowledge that proves Lorne Paulson Construction is the right choice for your project.


We use Microsoft Project to track scheduling and organize resources. We realize plans change and some updates may be needed as details become available. This system allows us to stay connected and up to date with the architect, owner, and project manager. Taking advantage of Microsoft Project Management, we conduct a project and budget review each month, tracking exactly where the project is at and sharing that information with the architect and owner. Each month a Project Review Document is provided to the project manager as well as an update to each line item of the estimate tracking document.


Lorne Paulson Construction is available for preconstruction consultation to work with architect and owner designer to provide valuable input. Time will be billed at our normal rate. Any costs spent on preconstruction consultation would be rebated at the start of project construction when awarded the contract.


To fully understand each project, we walk through the entire process of building, start to finish, anticipating all the moves that will be required. We take the project apart piece by piece, doing full material take-offs and estimations. The subcontractors are given full plans and specifications and we compare bids from each subcontractor to obtain the best quality and a project that meets the client’s vision. As bills come in we constantly compare them to the original proposal. Each month we update both schedule and budget so both the architect and owner knows where the project is at.


Any project requires momentum and an organized sequence. We use graphs and flow charts for critical decisions, giving ample time for processing details, mockups, and samples. This ensures that the critical flow is not disrupted, keeping risk management on par.


Coordinating trades and achieving high quality craftsmanship

We have very high standards at Lorne Paulson Construction and, through years of work on high end projects on San Juan Island, we know and produce the lasting quality that is expected. Our knowledgable foremen have the experience to recognize and deliver the high quality we aim for

We use Microsoft Project to track critical decisions. This is shared between the crew, the architect and the owners to organize plenty of lead time to gather samples and mock ups and get decisions.


One of the strong suits of Lorne Paulson Construction is our wealth of experience working with architects, designers and subcontractors to create efficient systems and clean details. One eminent issue that goes unseen but is high on our radar is of water runoff and flashing. We’ve seen what can happen to improperly flashed buildings and we go the extra mile to ensure weather tightness of a custom home. It is one of the many details we consider for the longevity of our work. Trim details are another area that are often overlooked. We biscuit, glue and screw all joints, which keeps the joinery tight, waterproof and aesthetically pleasing.


The crew that we work with has been together as a team for years, and our leaders for decades. Whether it is a custom build, remodel, or consultation, our cohesive network creates a project that is seamless and committed to the highest standards. Our clients want to work with us because of the team environment that we foster, our attention to every detail, and our extensive experience. We’ve worked on some of the finest custom home on San Juan Island, hand in hand with nationally recognized architects. Some of those projects have been published in national magazines.


With a wealth of knowledge of projects, details and systems needed for life in the San Juan Islands, Lorne Paulson Construction brings the long view to a project. We look at the longevity of a project…twenty years down the line, and how it is going to weather the test of time.