Our approach for selecting subcontractors is based on our history with subs in the area. Because of that long history in the San Juan Island, we have developed good relationships and strong loyalties with a number of subs. We plan to use these relationships and personal knowledge to create a team that can be responsive to the quality required as well as the scheduling demands of a project. Because of the long history we have with the subs we use, they know the high level of detail and quality we expect.


We use as many on-island trades as possible. There are some trades that are not well represented on the island. Depending on the project, it is estimated that we could be using up to 66% on-island subs and 33% off island subs.


Lorne Paulson Construction uses comparative bids, using unit and square foot pricing from previous comparable projects. This means we have access to 25 years of price comparisons on dozens of projects, bringing us a very good sense of where prices should be and always do comparison pricing from the subs. We bank on our long history of working in the San Juan Islands. We know who works and who doesn’t work

Staging and logistics

We are well established with tool and supply trailers as well as a site trailer that is ready for utility hook-up. Every attempt will be made to reduce the impact of the construction to property.

Communuication with off island design teams and owners

We have a good and established relationship with Architects as well as Owners through email, phone, FedEx and regular site visits. As well as the regular lines of communication, we take advantage of FedEx when samples and mockups need approval and a site visit is not in the near future.


Lorne Paulson Construction takes care of framing, siding, trim and finish carpentry in-house, as well as built in furniture, cabinet installation and door and window installation. We also oversee concrete, excavation and tile.